Last month the Council considered the following recommendation from the Strategy Policy & Finance (SP&F) Committee: That the discussion on the future of the Springfield Golf Course be deferred until such time as a full assessment is conducted by Council on a future sports facility that is fit for purpose […]


Hundreds of people arrived by 9:30am to witness the Council debate the future of the Springfield Golf Course. It was item 10 on a list of 12 recommendations relating to the Long Term Plan made by the Strategy, Policy & Finance (SP&F) Committee in May. The unprecedented crowd waited patiently […]


This is your main resource for all things Saving Springfield. Here you will find the Council’s published documents on the topic; our analysis of different aspects of the Council’s Westbrook Sports and Recreation Precinct “proposal”; our Profiles of the Elected Members who will be deciding the fate of the Springfield […]

In his presentation at the Springfield Community Conversation on 19 April 2021, the Rotorua Lakes Council Sports Development Manager, Steve Watene, presented the key drivers behind the Westbrook Sports and Recreation Precinct “proposal”: However, a careful analysis of the information obtained from Council show: the quality standards applied are arbitrary and unrealistic. […]


This was the question that the Rotorua Lakes Council Sports Development Manager, Steve Watene, was unable to answer at the Springfield Community Conversation on 19 April 2021. The question received a round of applause from the audience. It was a very good question posed by Krissie Phipps (nee Smallbone). How […]

The Rotorua Lakes Council literally proposes paving paradise to put up a parking lot on the Springfield Golf Course. The map of the Westbrook Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Plan (Final) dated November 2019 shows they wish to create a massive car park that spans all the way from Douglas […]